Some Things I've Built


  • Developed a RESTful web application that emulates a project management portal where users can view or create announcements, teams, projects, and a user directory
  • Implemented role-based authorization to control access and permissions for different user types
  • Designed database schema and implemented CRUD operations to manage user roles, companies, announcements, teams, and project data
  • Built back-end REST APIs using Spring Boot to retrieve and modify data in a PostgreSQL database
  • Created front-end views per business requirements in Angular that call REST APIs to display data and handle form submissions
  • Thoroughly tested back-end REST API endpoints using Postman to validate functionality and error handling

Java | TypeScript | Spring Boot | Angular | PostgreSQL | Postman

A screenshot of the homepage of TeamFlow

Name That Tune

  • Developed an Angular application interfacing with Spotify's API to create a music-themed guessing game with dynamic audio playback and configurable game settings
  • Defined technical architecture and planned API interactions with team member, wireframing components in Figma to align with business requirements
  • Implemented local storage functionality for saving both game configuration data and game session data, ensuring seamless user experience across sessions
  • Crafted and deployed an Angular service class leveraging RxJS for managing API requests to Spotify, facilitating token retrieval, genre loading, playlist fetching, and track retrieval for seamless data management

TypeScript | Angular | RxJS | Spotify API

A screenshot of the homepage of Name That Tune

Twitter API

  • Designed a RESTful Spring Boot application that mirrors the backend infrastructure and emulates the functionality of a Twitter API backend
  • Implemented controller, service, DTO, and Mapper classes to manage core business logic and enhance the maintainability of the codebase
  • Utilized Spring Data JPA repositories for streamlined PostgreSQL database interactions, ensuring clean and concise CRUD operations on User, Tweet, and Hashtag entities
  • Implemented customized exception classes for scenarios such as resource not found, bad request, and not authorized
  • Tested extensively with JUnit tests ensuring thorough coverage of critical scenarios
  • Validated API endpoints using Postman and automated testing with Newman for end-to-end API testing

Java | Spring Boot | PostgreSQL | JUnit | Postman | Newman

A screenshot of the Tweet Controller and Tweet Service Implemenation classes in IntelliJ

Text Summarizer

  • Developed a web app using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo model, allowing users to generate concise summaries from large input text
  • Implemented FastAPI for the backend server, ensuring efficient handling of summarization requests
  • Designed a user-friendly interface by utilizing Vite to create a responsive and intuitive frontend for an enhanced user experience

JavaScript | React | CSS | Python | FastAPI

A screenshot of the frontpage of Text Summarizer


  • A web app that allows users to have a smart shopping list that learns their buying habits and helps them remember what they’re likely to need to buy on their next trip to the store
  • Facilitated collaboration by allowing users to share and work on shopping lists with others, promoting teamwork and project management
  • Ensured accessibility across multiple platforms, making the web app available on various devices and browsers for a seamless user experience

JavaScript | React | TailwindCSS | Firebase

A screenshot of the frontpage of Listify

Mind Meter

  • A web app that helps users log timed meditation sessions, write journal reflections, and listen to calming music all in one place
  • Implemented a feature to track and log users' meditation sessions through chart.js, providing insights into a user’s meditation habits and progress over time
  • Curated and integrated guided meditation playlists, offering users a variety of calming and focused meditation sessions to choose from

JavaScript | React | TailwindCSS | Python | Flask | Spotify API | Google API | AWS

A screenshot of the frontpage of Mind Meter